Palace Ski Shot

If you’re partial to a drinking game or two (something that we’re all likely to be leaning towards during yet another lockdown scenario for most) but also don’t want to detract from your interior design aesthetic, you need to check out the Palace Ski Shot. Billed as “Art that’s down to party” – these brilliantly designed pieces will elevate your decorative endeavours at the same time as your blood alcohol level.

The industry that surrounds drinking games is, for the most part, a fairly cheap one but, with Palace, the aim is to make it a good deal more refined and design orientated without ever detracting from the fun and mischief that is the whole point of such wares. The Palace Ski Shot is the brand’s flagship offering and, in our opinion here at Coolector HQ, they’ve hit a home run right off the bat. Priced at $300, the Ski Shot isn’t your average drinking game and it’s important that it looks just as good hanging from your wall as it does compelling shots of vodka or whisky down during an impromptu drinking game.

The Art of Partying

Available in two different, equally striking woods, the Palace Shot Ski is definitely the sort of product we can get on board with here at The Coolector and it is ready and waiting to make your party go downhill. In a good way, of course. Each one is handcrafted in Canada from solid Ontario hardwood, which makes the Shot Ski perfectly proportioned and gorgeously grained. Put simply, it looks like the ski all other skis were based on. Which is why it’s beautiful hanging on the wall of your living room, chalet, or backcountry tent.

The Palace Ski Shot ($300) is handcrafted by an artisan woodworker at their workshop in Toronto and has embedded neodymium magnets which are designed to securely fasten to four shot glasses, and allow for seamless wall-mounting at the same time. So, whether it’s for art or partying, the Ski Shot won’t let you down. As you would expect from something down to party, the Ski Shot is made of tough stuff and it is coated with a durable, waterproof, polyurethane finish so it can keep pace with all your drinking exploits and still look great when you hang it back on the wall.

Built for four players at once, the Ski Shot from Palace is one of the most interactive drinking games you’re likely to come across and each ski is some 71 inches long which is more than enough to spaciously accommodate up to four adults who are ready to get their drink on. You’ll definitely make it a night to remember if this is what is the catalyst for your party’s drinking exploits.

Eco-Friendly Design

Palace use only sustainably harvested FSC-certified Canadian hardwood for their Ski Shot products which makes the eco-friendly and means you can feel good about yourself whilst imbibing shots from it. This wood meets the strictest environmental standards out there and it is designed to protect our forests so it’s clear that Palace have got their hearts in the right place when it comes to their party products.

Priced at $300, it is clear that the Ski Shot is designed not just for a drinking game but also to be a talking point for your interior design endeavours as well. If you love having parties that are that bit different and fun-packed from start to finish, items like this are going to go a long toward keeping that reputation intact. We can’t wait to see what other products the guys at Palace come up with over the next 12 months and beyond. Keep your eyes peeled.

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