Pan Treetop Cabins

We’ve all got different ideas of the sorts of hotels and properties we want to stay in when taking a break from it all and if you’re the sort that likes the idea of getting into the thick of nature, these superb looking Pan Treetop Cabins will be right up your street. Situated in glorious woodland in Finnskogen, which is about a two-hours drive away from Oslo and Gardermoen in Norway, the Pan Treetop Cabins are ideal for being at one with nature in unique and eye-catching surroundings.

The Pan Treetop Cabins in Norway all have a muted exterior in the woods yet they have a glowing, warm, snug and safe interior that will draw you in and leave you wanting to stay for longer in the breathtaking natural surroundings. These superb cabins are found in Finnskogen which is a great natural reserve chock full of history and an abundant amount of animal life. Mystery and the inexplicable have always been a part of daily life for the Finnish people who settled there. The Finnish settlers most important god was called Tapio, a Finnish version of our Pan, the greek god of forests and meadows and this shines through in the design and location of the cabins.

Wilderness Retreat

Woodland retreats might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to holidays but if a cabin stay is something that resonates with you, they won’t come much better than the Pan Treetop Cabins. The western parts of Norway are known for steep mountains and fjords, and the north of Norway have the best possibilities in the world for observing the aurora borealis, the Northern Light.  When entering Finnskogen, home of the Pan Treetop Cabins, you are in the middle of this vast ecological system, and there is no other place in Norway where you have the same unique animal life. Don’t be surprised to see the likes of elk, venison, capercaillie, wolf, bear, lynx and a plethora of other animals during your stay.

The breathtaking surrounds of the Pan Treetop Cabins in Finnskogen are difficult to beat for nature lovers and you’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of exciting activities, traditional food and extraordinary animal life during your visit. A stay in these comfortable cabins is suitable for families of all ages, groups of friends and all travelers with the desire to experience the real Norwegian wilderness. The cabins are designed by architect, Espen Surnevik, and the structural calculations are done by Master of Science Finn-Erik Nilsen. The vision of the architect was to deliver a dwelling that would easily settle into the landscape without making a big change in the surrounding nature.

Eco-friendly and energy efficient, the Pan Treetop Cabins aim to provide an optimum experience of natural light and nature at any time of the day. The large glass facades lets all the natural light pour in, which adds ambience to the experience while simultaneously heating up the living area. All the materials were  specifically chosen to adhere to sustainable principles and this plays along with the natural lighting so you will feel as if you are sitting out in the nature, even when you are indoors. At night you can sit in the cabin and enjoy the sunset slowly changing into night while the sounds of the forest change.

Scandinavian Cool

There is an eye-catching aesthetic to these stunning cabins and they will serve as the perfect backdrop for an adventure holiday in some of Scandinavia’s most spectacular wilderness. Just some of the activities that can be enjoyed during a stay at the Pan Treetop Cabins include hiking the vast forest areas of Finnskogen, with several marked routes on the doorstep, kayaking, climbing and fishing or ice-fishing.

For those of you looking to change things up a bit with their travel in 2019, a stay at these glorious looking Pan Treetop Cabins in Norway would be the perfect place to start. Spectacularly designed and offering an amazing window into the wildlife that Scandinavia has to offer, these are definitely going on our bucket list here at Coolector HQ.

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