Panorama Glass Lodge

Seeing the Northern Lights is on the bucket list for an awful lot of people (us included here at Coolector HQ) and we can think of few better places to witness them from than Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland. Run by a young family in Reykjavík who had the idea to create a completely unique and romantic getaway together in Iceland where it is possible to watch both the northern lights and the midnight sun right out of the comfort of your bed or private hot tub.

The Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland offers an amazing, comfortable and entirely unforgettable experience with enough privacy in the spectacular Icelandic scenery. As such, the owners decided to build just a handful of houses on a vast swathe of land instead of many houses on a tiny piece of land to avoid the feeling of staying in a resort. The sense of wilderness and relaxation is second to none and who can turn down the opportunity of sleeping under the stars with the chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

Breathtaking Landscapes

The shape of the Panorama Glass Lodge takes its design inspiration from Scandinavian houses and the combination of wooden elements with steel and glass makes these lodges aesthetically unique. The interior is completely custom made with a real attention to detail to the little things which will make a stay here all the more rewarding.

Sleeping under the stars is a pretty cathartic experience and you’ll not find any places more relaxing than the Panorama Glass Lodges in Iceland. Whether it’s sleeping beneath the midnight sun or enjoying the exhilaration of seeing the Northern Lights, you’ll be doing it in comfort and luxury with these wonderfully well made lodges. The Scandinavian glass cabin igloos in viking style offer that little extra bit of luxury and the out of this world scenery and panoramic views will create memories that last a lifetime.

Even though these majestic looking cabins are way out in the wilderness, guests can still enjoy luxury, high quality standards and extraordinary design. The shape of the lodge is inspired by Scandinavian houses and the combination of wooden elements with steel and glass makes them welcoming and comfortable.

Incredible Icelandic Vistas

Iceland is home to some of the world’s most spectacular wilderness terrains and you can experience them in all their glory with a stay at the Panorama Glass Lodges. Luxury is abundant throughout but it’s the scenery that’s the real star of the show here and you’ll not see anything quite as memorable as the Northern Lights through the glass ceilings.

Needless to say a stay at the Panorama Glass Lodges doesn’t come cheap but it’s money well spent in our opinion here at Coolector HQ because it’s something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. A wonderfully warm welcome awaits here and if you love to feel at one with nature, a stay here is a must.

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