6 of the Best Camping Essentials from Barebones

Now that the lockdown restrictions are starting to ease, we can start to think about camping adventures in the great outdoors once again here at Coolector HQ so, naturally, we’re starting to look at the sort of awesome camping accessories that we want in tow for these adventures. The guys at Barebones have some of the best camping gear out there and we’ve compiled a list of some of their best pieces.

Take a look at our pick of 6 of the best camping essentials from Barebones below:

Barebones All-in One Cast Iron Grill – $140

Wilderness cooking is something that really makes camping all the more enjoyable and you can do it in style with this brilliant Barebones All-in-One Cast Iron Grill ($140). Grill, saute, smoke, braise, bake, roast, deep fry — any cooking method you can conceive of, the All-in-one Cast Iron Grill from Barebones can do it. It boasts a solid and robust cast iron construction and a steel plate that functions as baking sheet, griddle, and skillet. You can use this grill with or without the tripod stand and all the accessories pack away inside for easy storage and portability. ($140)

Barebones 10″ Cast Iron Skillet – $22

Another camping essential for cooking up a storm, this Barebones 10″ Cast Iron Skillet ($22) is a pleasingly affordable addition to any line up of camping goods. The cast iron cookware from Barebones is ergonomically designed, triple-sanded for a smooth finish and pre-seasoned so you can start cooking on it immediately. We love cast iron just as much as the guys at Barebones here at Coolector HQ, and we love their cast iron cookware to the stars and back and we know you will too as soon as you cook on it for the first time. It has an ergonomic handle designed for a secure grip and dual pour spouts for left or right pouring. ($22)

Barebones Field Knife – $75

Need some versatile and functional tools for your camping adventures this summer and autumn? You’ll get exactly what you’re after with this excellent looking Barebones Field Knife ($75). There’s nothing fancy about the Field Knife, but that’s what makes it so great in our opinion here at The Coolector. It’s a no-nonsense, fixed-blade knife that’s durable in its design and executed exceptionally well. It is a comfort to have by your side in the included hip sheath, it’s even more of a pleasure to hold in the hand. ($75)

Barebones Gathering Bag – $65

If you’re up for some foraging on your next outdoors adventure, this Barebones Gathering Bag ($65) will be right up your street. Boasting a great aesthetic and versatile performance, the Gathering Bag boasts a waxed canvas construction for durability and weather resistance and a removable waterproof liner for easy cleanup. The Gathering Bag from Barebones has a drop-through design which makes it easy to unload your harvest and comfortable straps for chest or back carry. ($65)

Barebones Cast Iron Griddle – $55

Another cooking / camping must have in our opinion – the Barebones Cast Iron Griddle ($55) offers an unparalleled outdoor cooking experience. This classy offering has a reversible cooking surface with a smooth side for pancakes and fajitas and a grill side for burgers and kebabs. Both sides feature wide grease-capture channels for more even cooking and you can use the griddle on a camp stove, campfire, or your stovetop at home. The cast iron has been made from a higher steel content for lightness and durability and the rough and raw texture absorbs oils more easily for a better cooking surface. ($55)

Barebones Enamel Bowl Set – $16

Eat in style during your camping experiences with this Barebones Enamel Bowl Set ($16) which consists of a set of two bowls. While enamel plateware has kept outdoorsmen and homeowners well-equipped and well-fed since the 19th century, there is definitely something about Barebone’s latest enamel collection properly combines class and functionality in a way that we’ve never seen before. Each piece boasts a steel core, fine enamel coating, and an antique copper trim for a unique and hard-wearing design. ($16)

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