Paper Movie Monsters by Eelus

Halloween is well and truly upon us and here at Coolector HQ we’re pretty excited, not least because of our heavy reliance on sweets so we’re firmly on the lookout for any Halloween related goods and we’ve found an absolute belter in the form of these excellent series of Paper Movie Monsters which have been hand-crafted by UK based artist, Eelus.

Boasting a whole array of brilliantly crafted ghouls and monsters cut from paper and expertly hand-painted, this layered artwork stands out, quite literally, from the crowd. His work is currently being exhibited at the HorrowShow art exhibition in Brighton. Check out a few more of these devilishly creative pieces below:

Creature_2_900 Dracula_1_900 Monster_1_900 Thing_1_900

Check out the rest of this talented chap’s work over at

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