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We’ve featured a lot of footwear brands on the pages of The Coolector in the past and we’ve got a particular penchant for boots so it’s always a pleasure to discover footwear purveyors as excellent as Parkhurt. If you like your boots well made, effortlessly stylish and as comfortable as they come, this is a brand that needs to be on your radar and they’ve got a stellar line up of boots to choose from to suit every budget and style persuasion.

Parkhurst are a brand born in Buffalo, New York, which is a city that’s seen the unfortunate situations that a loss of American jobs can create. So for them, it’s very important to do everything that they can to support the Americans who do such hard, honest work in every corner of the quality footwear industry. This was the catalyst for the birth of the brand. The quality of the footwear is all down to them. And, trust us, they’ve got some of the best looking men’s boots you’ll see anywhere in 2020.

Quality to the Core

The guys at Parkhurst have one overriding objective – namely, to manufacture exceptionally high-quality, undeniably good-looking Goodyear welted boots in the United States, and sell them at as competitive a price as they possibly can. We love brands that strive to make a difference in their own home cities – think what Shinola is aiming to do for Detroit, Parkhurst is doing the same for Buffalo. There is a great, traditional and vintage style aesthetic to the boots from Parkhurst and this stems from their desire to create footwear with more character, more soul, and a longer life than the average.

There is certainly no shortage of boots to choose from with Parkhurst – whether it’s the devilishly dapper Chukka Boots that catches your eye or their bold looking The Delaware Series of Boots, you’re getting unparalleled comfort and style for an unbelievable price. Most of the breathtaking boots from Parkhurt come in at under $300 which, considering the superb materials used and quality of the craftsmanship on offer, is nothing short of extraordinary.

All of the boots from Parkhurst are crafted to be both sleekly handsome, while also infinitely capable and versatile in an array of different conditions and terrains. Parkhurst believe that their boots should be made to look better the more they’re worn so their leathers are tanned with animal wax and natural oils to deliver the purest form of elemental resistance, all while developing a spectacular patina over time which will tell a story of the adventures you have taken them on.

USA Made Excellence

There real stand out about Parkhurst Boots for us here at Coolector HQ is their dedication to using American suppliers and materials throughout their construction. Almost all of their raw materials come from small companies across America including Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania. Parkhurst use hides from free-range cows that live fully grass-fed, healthy lives, primarily in the US and even their trademark kudu leather, which is tanned at England’s famed C.F. Stead tannery, is purchased from a US-based supplier. Boots just don’t come any more American made than these beauties.

Considering everything that has gone into Parkhurst Boots, it’s hard to believe that the majority of their wares come in at under $300. There are boots on the market with half the quality but twice the price tag as these from Parkhurst so it’s not hard to see why their impeccable footwear is positively flying off the shelves. Effortlessly stylish, USA made and using the finest materials out there – these boots are a real triple threat and we’re huge fans here at Coolector HQ.

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