PATINA Metal Wallet

As you’re likely aware, patina is a term that refers to a thin layer that variously forms on the surface of copper, brass, bronze and similar metals and gives it weathered look that tells a story of the adventures it’s had and the life its lived. If you like your EDC to get better with age, this PATINA Metal Wallet, which is funding on Kickstarter as we speak, is the accessory for you. This Swiss handmade metal slim wallet comes in two beautiful finishes – namely, Brass and Titanium – and will add a real touch of class to any man’s everyday carry lineup.

The PATINA Metal Wallet on Kickstarter is available for the bargain introductory price of just $86 for the Brass version and $97 for the Titanium and whichever you opt for, you will be investing in a wallet that is sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Each one of these amazing looking wallets has been designed and crafted in Switzerland and you’ll be blown away by the sense of quality they have to offer. They are the brainchild of designers Pascal Eberle and Tim Hophan who have come up with one of the coolest looking wallets we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ. The design is as small as your credit card but has space for 10 cards and six banknotes so you’ll have all the bases covered when you head out the door.

Style & Substance Rolled Into One

Boasting a highly innovative design, the PATINA Metal Wallet allows you to move your banknotes effortlessly through the loop chamber and it has a very clever design that means you don’t actually have to open it to use it. The cards are accessible by running your thumb over them in one direction which means no more clawing at your wallet to get your debit or credit card out. Each wallet is made using just one sheet of Titanium or Brass and they are so cleverly designed so as to sit perfectly in your hand when holding it. Form definitely follows function with these wallets and we’re looking at adding one to our own EDC lineup here at The Coolector.

The PATINA Metal Wallet on Kickstarter (from $86) will, as the name suggests, age beautifully and will develop a hue that is entirely unique to you based upon how often you use your wallet, where you take it and how you handle it. This is a great aesthetic feature which adds to the uniqueness of the wallets still further and we’re not at all surprised to see that they’re already rapidly closing in on their funding target over on the crowdfunding platform. You can personalise these devilishly dapper wallets with your own personal engravings such as your name, brand or a mantra you live by to make them more special to you.

Environmentally conscious, these PATINA Metal Wallets are made from Brass and Titanium because they are both robust and recyclable and they are able to keep waste to a minimum because they bend the metal rather than milling it. If you’re in the market for a new wallet that will define your everyday carry collection and tell a story of your adventures, look no further than the PATINA Metal Wallet.

Impeccably well-crafted with a deliciously streamlined aesthetic, we’re loving these wallets here at The Coolector and it looks like we’re not the only ones given its popularity over on Kickstarter. Head on over and bag yours for a bargain price now.

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