Patio House

Greece is home to some of the most mesmerising and luxurious islands on the planet and having a holiday home on one of the sun-drenched retreats is definitely something that will appeal to any right minded individual – particularly if said property is as stunning as this Patio House from OOAK Architects. This breathtaking piece of residential design is a concrete holiday home on Greek island of Karpathos and it cantilevers over a rocky cliff to dramatic effect.

The Patio House from OOAK Architects boasts an open-air dining area that looks out across the Aegean Sea and this is the sort of view that money can’t buy truth be told. This gloriously designed and decorated holiday home in Greece positively exudes luxury and serves as the ideal retreat for the lucky owners. Designed by Stockholm-based architecture office OOAK, who created the residence for a couple living in Paris, who enjoyed travelling to Greece to windsurf.

Rocky Outcrop

Positioned, what some might think, precariously, on a rocky, cliffside plot with panoramic views of the sea and windsurfers on the nearby Afiarti beach, the Patio House is ideally located to make the most of the compelling views and the wonderful weather that Greece typically enjoys. This magnificent piece of design from Swedish architects, OOAK, has a position on a the jagged cliff which was the catalyst for a design that aims to make the most of its setting without disrupting the sparse and untouched natural landscape that surrounds it.

The Patio House in Karpathos stands alone on a the rocky cliff face and it was the job of the architects to make sure that it didn’t look to out of place in this area of fantastic beauty. Rather than trying to copy the landscape with the materials, the house is gently placed on the site as an object, leaving the surrounding landscape as untouched as possible and the end result is mighty impressive to say the least.

Designed to be as distinct object that complements and enhances the rugged hillside, the Patio House need to be carefully considered so as not to overwhelm the natural surroundings. For this reason, the building is constructed from reinforced concrete with a board-marked finish, and its roof has been covered with a gravel that compliments the tones of its cliff side. With a plot that has two stepped plateaus, which inspired the architects to cantilever the building from the higher ledge to really capitalise on the views and create the impression that it extends out towards the sea.

Cantilevered Creativity

It is the cantilever design of the Patio House in Greece which really impresses and this cantilever effect has a strong presence that augments the full experience of the site both from the inside and out. From the inside, this cantilever creates the illusion that the house is hovering out over the sea, whilst from the outside it further accentuates the contrast between the manmade and the natural elements of the property.

Greece is a wonderful part of the world which will be made all the better by exceptional pieces of design like this Patio House from OOAK Architects. Fantastically conceived and executed and made all the more impressive due to its rather tricky terrain on which it is situated, we can’t wait to see what else this Swedish architecture studio comes up with in 2019 and beyond.

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