PDT Cocktail Book

We’re seasoned imbibers here at The Coolector and whilst we’re typically beer men, we’re not adverse (and in fact quite partial) to the odd cocktail or two. We only allow gentlemanly cocktails to pass our lips, however, with our general mantra being “WDDDI” (Would Don Draper Drink It) and, with this in mind, we think we’ve found an ally in this rather wonderfully designed and booze filled PDT Cocktail Book.

The PDT (Please Don’t Tell to the uninitiated – me included) Cocktail Book features not only some of the finest cocktails known to man but also some devilishly spiffing illustrations that will put you in the drinking mood. The work of Jim Meehan and Chris Gall, this top class offering harks back to the prohibition era when, ironically, drinking was at its most outrageous and, dare I say, exquisite. Some of the cocktails to emerge from New York (and beyond) during this time have gone down in folklore and, safe to say, many of these concoctions have left The Coolector wanting more.


Boasting in excess of 300 cocktails and offering all sorts of useful tips to amateur and seasoned drinkers alike – such as the basics of setting up your home bar – the PDT Cocktail Book is looking like an essential purchase for anyone who wants to be a dapper, albeit perenially sozzled, chap about town.

If you want to push the boat out a little, you can pick up a limited edition, leather-bound version of the PDT Cocktail Book at Moore & Giles.

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