Pebble Triple Black Cutlery Set by Otherware

If you’re looking to do your part for the environment, stopping your use of single use plastic may well be a good place to start. There aren’t many options, however, for those looking for cool cutlery on the go but that’s just changed now that we’ve come across this excellent looking Pebble Triple Black Cutlery Set. Available for the bargain price of £49, this set will cover all your eating and drinking on the go and ensure you’re not reaching for the plastic spoons, forks et al in the coffee shop.

The Pebble Triple Black Cutlery Set (£49) boasts a new design and colour iteration for the winter season and we’re loving the stealthy aesthetic of this one here at Coolector HQ. If you love your EDC to be as functional as it is stylish, this is an essential addition to your line up. The “Triple Black” Pebble by OTHERWARE has a sleek and sophisticated tone-on-tone treatment, while keeping the original form and function.

Perfectly Portable Solution

If you’re going to do away with single use plastic cutlery when you’re commuting to work or grabbing a bite to eat at lunchtime, you’re going to want something that ticks both your style and performance requirements and the Pebble Triple Black Cutlery Set will do exactly that. Hate single use, but love freedom? This excellent piece of EDC will provide exactly that.

Simply clip on your Pebble and you’re safe and ready for dining on the go. With a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks and a straw, you’re equipped for breakfast on the move, food truck pad Thai or an iced coffee at your home office or any other culinary delights that you can think of. The OTHERWARE Triple Black Cutlery Set (£49) is form and function rolled into one and we’ll definitely be looking to get our hands on some here at The Coolector.

Weighing the same as a smartphone, the Pebble Triple Black Cutlery Set comes with a custom clip to hang it from a belt loop or bag strap which ramps up its versatility considerably. Each utensil in the set can also hang solo off the clip too, for times you only need a fork or spoon which, let’s face it, will be most of your meals away from home.

Eco Friendly Casing

The case for the Pebble Triple Black Set from OTHERWARE is said to be “made from music” as it has been crafted using recycled CDs, handles from recycled food packaging and the tips are anodised titanium coated steel, and is re-recyclable at the end of it’s life. So, this is another reason you can feel good about adding this cutlery set to your EDC line up.

At £49, the Pebble Triple Black Cutlery Set is an investment in not having to use single use cutlery ever again and that’s definitely something worth getting on board with in our opinion here at The Coolector. If you’re sick of using single use cutlery and want something that looks good and performs even better, this is undoubtedly going to be right up your street.

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