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You’d have to have been living under a rock to not have seen the recent announcements of the iPhone 11 from Apple and if, like us, you’re mighty tempted to get your hands on this photography friendly smartphone, you’re going to want to make sure that it is properly protected with a first class case. Our thoughts immediately turn to brands like Peel when it comes to stylish, functional and robust cases for smartphones and their brand new range of iPhone 11 Cases keeps up their rich tradition for delivering awesome wares.

Peel always strive to create products that are unobtrusive and minimal in design to help strip back our EDC and unclutter our minds in general. Their products are built upon the belief that as humans we routinely take on too much. It could be stuff, social obligations, work, clutter, etc. Ultimately there’s a cost to taking on too much – it takes away from our time, resources, and attention towards what truly matters to us. What’s important to you will differ from the next person. That’s what makes us all unique. This is the ethos which shines through in their wonderfully minimalistic and no-nonsense iPhone 11 Cases.

Check out our pick of the bunch from Peel below:

Super Thin iPhone 11 Case for Pro & Max – $29

Peel is the creator of the original super thin case design. The brand new case for the iPhone 11 (and the Pro & Max versions of the spectacular new smartphone) maintains the original look of your iPhone while still protecting it and making sure that it stays free of bumps and scrapes. The iPhone 11 is an extraordinary phone and this Super Thin iPhone 11 Case from Peel ($29) has an excellent minimalist design that doesn’t detract from the stylish nature of this smartphone and won’t add any unnecessary bulk to your pocket. You’ll notice that this case is branding free because Peel believe minimalism is beautiful, that’s why they chose not to put our logo on Peel cases. You’ll forget you even have a case on your iPhone 11 such is the understated nature of the design. ($29)

Peel Wireless Charger – $49

If you’ve invested in the new iPhone 11, you’re going to want to make sure it’s juiced at all times and that’s why adding one of these Peel Wireless Chargers ($49) to your workspace is a good idea. It has a soft, stylish leather surface and works with Qi enabled iPhone and Android devices for fast wireless charging. It will charge at their fastest wireless charging rate of 7.5w and Android devices at up to 10w. It’s beautiful leather surface is paired with a colour matched cable which makes the Peel Wireless Charger almost invisible on any matching surfaces. It has a 6 foot cable which can reach your outlet from a distance. The cable’s end is USB-A. ($49)

iPhone 11 Pro Peel Glass Screen Protector – $29

A cracked or scratched screen is a fate worse than death for most smartphone users so make sure this doesn’t happen to your iPhone 11 with this super robust and minimalistic Pro Peel Glass Case ($29). Peel Glass protects without compromising on surface feel, clarity, or quality. It feels just like the screen it protects. Peel’s edge to edge design seamlessly covers your entire screen without getting in the way like many other protectors on the market do. It is designed to complement the brand’s first class case, Peel Glass is the ideal ally for protecting your iPhone 11. It provides great protection in a slim profile. ($29)

Peel AirPods Case – $19

If you’ve got your hands on the new iPhone 11, you’ll be enjoying the excellent AirPods as well so it’s a good idea to have somewhere safe to store them to make sure you don’t lose them when they’re not in use. Enter the Peel AirPods Case ($19) which is robust and minimalist in design and will keep your audio ally safe whilst on the go. The case stays true to the Peel original design legacy, maintaining the look of your Charging Case while still protecting it. At just 2mm thin, the polycarbonate case wraps seamlessly around your Apple AirPods Charging Case to protect it from dings, scratches, and drops. ($19)

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