The 5th Swiss Made Watches

There is a certain cache attached with the term “Swiss made” when it comes to the watchmaking industry as these accessories are invariably seen as a cut above the competition and it’s not too often you see this phrased banded about on Kickstarter but it is with these first class The 5th Swiss Made Watches which are funding over on the crowdfunding platform as we speak. The first rate release from Australian brand, The 5th, you can choose from a few different options during the Kickstarter campaign so you’re sure to find a timepiece that matches your sense of style.

The 5th Swiss Made Watches on Kickstarter offering the quality and performance you’d expect from a Swiss made timepiece but without the typical costs that you would associate with an accessory of this nature. These great looking watches start at just $159 during the Kickstarter campaign which is almost $100 off the expected retail price when they come to market officially. The fact you can get a Swiss made automatic movement with 26 jewels for this price is nothing short of extraordinary and that points to why their campaign has already been a resounding success and flown past its funding target.

Eye-Catching Style

Traditional style abounds with the great looking timepieces from The 5th, who are the brainchild of Alex McBride who has infused his watches with a devilish sense of dapperness that we’re loving here at The Coolector. The seed for the brand was planted when McBride received his grandfather’s Swiss watch back in 2007 and served as the inspiration for creating his own watch company. We’re mighty glad that he did because the range of watches from The 5th are stylish, sophisticated and fantastically well made. And, perhaps best of all, can be yours for a remarkably affordable price during the Kickstarter campaign.

Swiss designed, Swiss engineered and Swiss made, these fantastic timepieces from The 5th on Kickstarter are positively dripping in quality and it’s not difficult to see why they have found such a receptive fan base on the crowdfunding platform. If you’re after a timepiece that doesn’t cost the earth but has the sort of quality of a much pricier watchmaker, The 5th are certainly a brand that need to be on your radar and you’ve still got time to secure one of these cracking watches for an extraordinary price.

Daring to do things differently when it comes to their sales model, The 5th managed to create exclusivity and urgency like never before – by
opening their online store for a single day each month, (the 5th), which generated quite a buzz and ensured their timepieces sold out quickly. Operating a purely direct-to-consumer model, The 5th were able to deliver quality watches to their community without traditional markups from distributors and retailers and this is something you can capitalise on again with this top notch Kickstarter campaign.

Come A Long Way

The 5th have come a long way in the last five years and this Kickstarter collection of watches is the culmination of their efforts in perfecting their watchmaking prowess. It is their mission to drive progress in the watch making category, by removing the price barrier and connecting traditional craftsmanship to contemporary culture. The 5th know that within the watch industry, it is common for quality to be overlooked in favour of quantity and volume but this goes against their  mission and our purpose of delivering quality and exclusivity through their products and experiences.

Available for a bargain price on Kickstarter, The 5th Watches are designed, manufactured and shipped directly from Switzerland, so they’re able to maintain quality throughout all aspects of the supply chain and still remove traditional markups created by distributors and retailers. That is truly cutting out the middleman. For years now, there has been a void in the watchmaking industry between Chinese-made “Fashion Watches” and ones created by historic Swiss Made Brands. The 5th are striving to bridge that gap through their relationships in Switzerland and commitment to producing Swiss Made Watches for individuals that appreciate quality craftsmanship. Make sure you don’t miss out on this one.

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