Pelican Outdoor Rugged Camera Lens Cover

The great outdoors and photography are a match made in heaven but your camera might not think so given there are plenty of ways in which the lens might get damaged whilst on a wilderness adventure. Well, you can certainly mitigate that risk by investing in one of these no-nonsense Rugged Camera Lens Cover from the guys at Pelican Outdoors. This small but perfectly formed bit of kit gives your camera that extra layer of protection that might just save the day should you drop your camera whilst out and about.

Pleasingly, the Pelican Outdoor Rugged Camera Lens Cover doesn’t break the bank and can be on the end of your camera for a mere $24.99 which is a small price to pay given it could potentially prevent damage to a piece of equipment that likely costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. It is designed to protect every lens you own and this silicone lens fits most pro-level camera lenses on the market.

Rough & Ready Performance

If you regularly find yourself in some uncompromising terrains when out taking photos, you’ll definitely be better off with one of these Pelican Outdoor Rugged Camera Lens Covers packed away in your gear. The high density and elastic silicone will keep your lens covered when it comes to dirt, moisture, scratches, and collisions, offering complete protection that is always important if you’re in the sort of scenarios where damage is more likely to transpire.

The Pelican Outdoor Rugged Camera Lens Cover ($24.99) is the sort of equipment that can be deemed essential for wildlife and nature photographers and it will give an impressive amount of protection against a whole host of different types of damage. Crafted from premium 25A Grade Silicone, this won’t let you down out in the wild and this lightweight and packable accessory has a column structure for extra impact absorption.

Head out on your next excursion in a stress-free manner with the Pelican Outdoor Rugged Lens Cover. This outdoor specialist brand know your lens means a lot to you and they’re here to set you up with ultimate security with this robust and adventure-ready accessory. Feel safe knowing your lens is protected from the elements and ready to capture priceless moments along your journey. And at just $24.99 what’s not to like?

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