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The level of skateboarding prowess that we possess here at Coolector HQ is negligible to say the least but we often find ourselves falling for the laid back lifestyle that skating represents and when we come across brands as patently awesome as Penny Skateboards, it is almost enough to lure us back onto a skateboard again – decades after our last fateful attempt at the pursuit.

Penny Skateboards are an Australian brand who created the original, and thereby the best most likely, plastic skateboards that were immensely popular in the 1970s and are making a comeback in a big way. The most notable aspect of the Penny Skateboard (barring its plastic construct) is the size of the board itself – much smaller than most conventional skateboards on the market and offering much more portability as a result, we here at Coolector HQ could probably make use of one of these during our daily London commute as it fits easily into a rucksack.

Founded by avid skateboarder, Ben Mackay, Penny Skateboards are dedicated to crafting quality skateboards that perform optimally and boast a whole host of eye-catching designs – a feature that certain appeals to us here at The Coolector. The boards that they produce are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials and painstakingly put together to ensure that the end result is a mightily impressive visual treat and a top performing skateboard to boot.

Built to last and exceed all your expectations, if you’re a skateboarding aficionado, a Penny Skateboard may well be the perfect foot accompaniment in 2014 and we here at Coolector HQ are definitely impressed with their spiffing array of designs even if we are entirely inept at skateboarding. Check out the video below to get a bit of a backstory about this uber-cool Australian brand:

[vimeo width=”700″ height=”450″][/vimeo]

Effortlessly cool and impeccably designed, there is little not to like about Penny Skateboards and we here at The Coolector are firm fans of those brands that make products in the right way and engage with their consumers on every level – something that definitely applies to the chaps over at Penny Skateboards. Check out a few of their boards below:



For anyone looking to take up skateboarding in 2014 but knowing where to begin with their board, a glance in the direction of Penny Skateboards may not go amiss. Particularly when you consider they boast a customising function that allows you to create the skateboard of your own madcap making.

Price: £85+

Available: Penny Skateboards

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