PF Flyers Hi-Tops

We perhaps don’t put as much thought into our footwear choices as we should here at Coolector HQ but there are often brands that we come across that win us over almost immediately and PF Flyers, and their immeasurably stylish hi-tops, definitely falls into this bracket.

PF Flyers are certainly no newcomers to the market and have, in fact, been crafting cracking awesome looking footwear for over three quarters of a century but their latest collection of hi-tops have left us mightily impressed here at The Coolector – not least because of the fantastic photography that really brings them to life.

Though our hi-top wearing is minimal at best, there is something at PF Flyers that appeals considerably and these stylish, understated offerings will be perfect summer fare when hitting the streets over the next few months. A subsidiary of New Balance, there is a design crossover between the two brands and it’s a definite perk in our opinion. Check out a few more shots below of the ace looking PF Flyers:










Anyone after some new footwear this summer will definitely be in good stead with a pair of PF Flyers Hi-Tops and we’re massive fans of the aesthetic here at The Coolector. Comfortable, stylish and painfully cool, it’s not difficult to see why the American brand has had such enduring success and with New Balance acting as a rudder they’re getting better all the time.

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