Phase One XT Camera System

Now, don’t get us wrong, we definitely don’t have the requisite readies to invest some $56k in a camera here at Coolector HQ but, if we did, then it would certainly be going on this Phase One XT Camera System which is a first of its kind. Designed for those photographers who seek the extraordinary, this spectacular bit of kit will elevate your creative content exponentially and delivers results quite unlike anything else out there. This stunning camera system from Phase One offers entirely unparalleled image quality and standard in medium format, so that your photography will truly stand out.

Despite the obvious fact that this camera equipment is eye-wateringly expensive, the Phase One XT Camera System is designed to be very travel friendly to make sure you can capture your adventures in crystal clear clarity all over the world (just make sure you’ve got good travel insurance). It boasts a modular and travel-friendly design that fits easily into your lifestyle. The form and aesthetic underline the system’s priorities as a new breed of camera, masterfully designed for convenience without sacrificing the quality of image it is capable of producing which, trust us, is sensational.

Powerful Performance, Portable Design

Needless to say, the Phase One XT Camera System is designed for those serious about their photography i.e. those who make a living from it and the quality of the performance is completely off the charts and the fact they’ve managed to fit all these capabilities into a portable design is nothing short of miraculous. It has been beautifully designed and handcrafted with an uncompromising simplicity and precision that will turn heads everywhere you go and blow minds with the clarity of images you capture. The exclusive, high-quality finishes of each system are given individual care, resulting in a camera that is desired as much for its beauty as for its image quality.

The Phase One XT Camera System is essentially turning a new page in the history of the field cameras and delivers full digital integration and intuitive, easy-to-master operation rolled into one eye-catching package. It is clear that Phase One gave meticulous attention to fine details and usability features, elevating your shooting experience no end. The XT Camera System perfectly marries extraordinary image quality and extraordinary photographic technology. It’s versatile, flexible, and remarkably intuitive to use.

With components that communicate digitally with each other and the system’s compact size, the XT is crafted for effortless capture, so the photographer can focus on capturing the moment and not missed anything by having to fiddle with camera settings. Phase One’s ability to embrace heritage while not weighed down by it makes the perfect combination of sensible Danish design, advanced technology integration, and precision mechanics the natural foundation for this next step in landscape photography. The system will get even better with time with the release of additional lenses, expanding Infinity Platform features, dedicated accessories, and discipline-focused workflows.

In a League of its Own

The technology used in the Phase One XT Camera System is so advanced that you’ll find it hard to believe it is being used in a consumer camera. With the brains of the IQ4 Infinity Platform and the heart of the X-Shutter, the integration and features of the XT supports limitless potential for even simpler use. It features intuitive ergonomics and straightforward controls, including the dual action shutter button, which is designed to support future expansion and customization.

It has three lenses which have been manufactured by Phase One’s strategic partner Rodenstock and all the lenses are fitted with Phase One’s new, digitally integrated, X-Shutter –an intelligently controlled electromagnetic shutter — born from Phase One’s industrial applications experience. If you’re serious about your photography and have deep pockets (or an understanding boss), you simply won’t find a more advanced or accomplished camera than the Phase One XT out there.

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