The issue of electronic waste is vast, to say the least, and getting bigger and one of the biggest components of this issue is the number of mobile phones that are thrown away each year. The principal reason that phones are thrown away is because they become outdated and obsolete as technology improves and makes them, for all intents and purposes, redundant. Mobile phones aren’t built to last, the companies don’t want you to keep the same phone for years on end, they want you to invest in their latest offerings. That could be all about to change, however, with this fantastic idea that goes by the name of Phonebloks.

This potential new dawn in mobile phone technology will endeavour to overcome the issue of mobile phones becoming outdated by providing you with a handset that consists of a number of interchangeable modular blocks, with each block containing a certain element of the phone’s technology, be it the camera, the battery or the memory. This will allow you to easily upgrade your mobile if, for a example, a better camera comes out or you want to increase the amount of storage space on your phone so, instead of tossing your phone away when the latest handset hits the market, you can merely upgrade one of your modules to make your phone on a par with it.


Phonebloks will aim to offer a high level of customisation so that you can make the perfect mobile phone for your own particular requirements. Those who love taking photos will make sure their camera is the best out there but if photography isn’t important to you, then you can not even have a camera and replace it with additional storage or a bigger battery if you’d prefer.

The idea of Phonebloks is still currently in its formative stages and is currently drumming up online support to try and bring this excellent idea to fruition. They’ve definitely got The Coolector’s seal of approval.

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