Adam Bartholl’s Map

Google exudes a pretty all-encompassing omnipresence over most of our lives but, generally speaking, they are fairly subtle in their engagement with the public and, though we rely heavily on Google for all sorts of reasons, they don’t really shove it in our faces too much. Well, this excellent art installation by Adam Bartholl certainly flips this on its head with its superb and highly visually engaging take on Google StreetView which has, in the eyes of The Coolector, been an absolute Godsend given our poor navigational skills but, some may say it detracts from traditional map reading, cartography and what have you.

The piece of work by the German artist, Bartholl, has been created to be indicative of the relationship that exists between the internet, reality and our own culture and, there can be no doubting, it would be quite an arresting site to come across one of Bartholl’s installations in your local city. There are few people out there, who are regular users of Google, that won’t have used Google maps to some degree or other and the pin-drop image is positively synonymous with the search engine giants so the art installation is unlikely to fall on deaf eyes or, perhaps more accurately, unrecognising eyes. Check out a few more images of this eye-catching endeavour below:





You can read more about this really rather awesome art installation over at

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