Photography Deck: Camera Cheat Sheet Playing Cards

If you love photography and playing cards, you’re in for a real treat with this Kickstarter project we’ve just stumbled across here at Coolector HQ. Say hello to the Photography Deck: Camera Cheat Sheet Playing Cards from Travel9to5. Taking Kickstarter by storm as we speak, these brilliantly designed playing cards are chock full of camera tips, tricks and settings which have been incorporated into a conventional playing card aesthetic.

The Photography Deck: Camera Cheat Sheet Playing Cards from Travel9to5 has already thoroughly surpassed its funding target on the crowdfunding site which is testament to the fact there is plenty of design and photography aficionados out there eager to snap this ace looking deck up. It is essentially a super useful camera reference sheet which is printed on a deck of uniquely designed playing cards and we’re big fans here at The Coolector. You can get your hands on this cool looking deck for just £11 which is 40% off the final intended retail price so don’t miss out on the bargain.

Engaging Design

Each numbered card in this superb looking deck illustrates the most important rules and techniques about photography. Each of the court cards has uniquely designed camera artwork which looks great. It’s best to think of them as pocket-sized cheat sheets that you can bring wherever you travel and then be used for a hand or two of poker afterwards. The info on the cards can be combined so you will have everything you need for pretty much any shooting situation you find yourself in.

These Photography Deck: Camera Cheat Sheet Playing Cards from Travel9to5 are one of the most visually engaging decks you’re likely to encounter and to add their appeal still further, this is a limited edition release with two Kickstarter exclusive Jokers. This green colour variant and artwork is ONLY available on Kickstarter. Only one production run of this colour variant will ever be produced and once these decks are sold out, they will be gone forever. 

The Photography Deck: Camera Cheat Sheet Playing Cards would make a unique gift for anyone who likes cameras and photography. No matter if you are shooting on a compact, mirrorless, DSLR or even your smartphone: this deck is the ideal travel companion and addition for your camera bag. And, best of all, you can enjoy a few hands of cards with a craft beer or two around a campfire when you’re done shooting for the day.

Suits You

Each of the different suits in the deck is dedicated to a certain element of photography. Hearts, for example, delves into composition and provides the most important principles and techniques such as negative space, symmetry, patterns, leading lines, depth & layers, framing, rule of odds, rule of thirds, fibonacci & golden ratio.

Available for just £11 during this Kickstarter campaign, it’s not hard to see why the Photography Deck: Camera Cheat Sheet Playing Cards are positively flying off the shelves and proving immensely popular on the Kickstarter platform. If you, or someone you know loves photography and the odd hand of poker, this would be an essential addition to your EDC line up in our opinion here at The Coolector.

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