Rue Colour Changing LED Corner Floor Lamp

For those who are serious about their interior design endeavours and seeking to cultivate a minimalistic aesthetic in their living rooms this summer, the Rue LED Corner Floor Lamp, which comes in colour changing and warm white versions, might just be the piece of furniture that you’ve been waiting for. Great to look at and visually vibrant, this lamp is the sort of head turning focal point that you’re living room has been waiting for. And, better still, there is 10% off until the 12th of July and free worldwide delivery.

Rue Amusement Lighting are specialists in quality and bespoke lighting and there are few better examples of their quality products than these superb looking LED Corner Floor Lamps. Prices start at a thoroughly reasonable £116 for these lamps and, in our opinion here at The Coolector, that is a small price to pay for such a striking piece of designer furniture that will bring any room to life and create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Illuminating Design

Controlled via an intuitive app, these Rue LED Corner Floor Lamps will deliver a real splash of colour to your home in whichever room you choose to deploy them and, courtesy of their minimalist design, they won’t take up an undue amount of space. They are dimmable and have mood-setting options which will ensure you can create just the right atmosphere for movie night or a meal.

The Rue LED Corner Floor Lamps (from £116) are amazing and the colour changing versions have a mind-boggling 16+ Million Colour Options and 300+ Multi-Colour Effects so you’ll never grow tired of the lighting in the room because you can change it on a daily basis to something new or stick with the perfect colour when you discover it. The options really are nigh-on limitless and that really will make this lamp a stand out performer in your interior design endeavours.

Utilising an impressive memory function, these awesome looking lamps from Rue Amusement Lighting will remember the last colour you had when you switch it off so it won’t lose it every time you turn it on again. You can transform empty, dark corners of a living room with the colour changing minimalist LED corner floor lamp. It has been designed to be functional and space saving but at the same time be a beautiful focal point.

Great Value for Money

Given we’ve all been spending a lot of time at home recently, it stands to reason that we’re all in the mood for changing things up from an interior design perspective and these Rue LED Corner Floor Lamps are not just superb value for money but will do a great job of breathing new life into any room in the home.

We’re all for anything that can add some light to a dark few months and these quality LED Corner Floor Lamps from Rue Amusement Lighting will do tick all of the right boxes in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Excellent value and an awesome aesthetic, what’s not to like?

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