Pilecki Goods x Dan & Dave Limited Edition Card Clip

We’re mighty serious about our EDC here at Coolector HQ and if you join us in loving limited edition wares dripping in quality, allow us to introduce you to this Pilecki Goods x Dan & Dave Limited Edition Card Clip. If you’re regularly carrying playing cards on your person, this will keep them crisp and let you carry them in some considerable style.

Priced at $89.99, this Pilecki Goods x Dan & Dave Limited Edition Card Clip is just about as classy as it gets and the quality of the craftsmanship and materials used are second to none. We’ve featured Dan & Dave on the pages of The Coolector a few times so they need no introduction but Pilecki Goods are newcomers on our radar and they’ve already left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ. Pilecki Goods are all about crafting quality EDC gear that’s built to last.  Heritage pieces you can keep for a lifetime and pass on and there are few better examples of this than this collaborative project with Dan & Dave.

Heritage Quality Pieces

The guys at Dan & Dave are synonymous with the cardistry community and have long been putting out some amazing card clips. They build their designs with a high quality Joe Porper Card Clip and then give them unbeatable finishes, wrap them in exotic woods, and custom build them to ensure that they’re one of a kind and, as such, it’s not hard to see why they sell out so quickly. So, if you love their clips, you’re going to be in your element with this amazing offering which has been made with Pilecki Goods.

The Pilecki Goods x Dan & Dave Limited Edition Card Clip ($89.99) is overflowing with quality and it is an essential piece of EDC for anyone within the cardistry community. Each one has been hand wrapped in full grain leather before being embossed with the Pilecki Goods logo to make it an aesthetically superior piece. Pilecki Goods have gone for a rugged and robust yet timeless design that you could pass down as a heritage piece from one generation to the next.

Only available in extremely limited quantities and, when you consider the mighty reasonable price tag, you can rest assured that these Pilecki Goods x Dan & Dave Card Clips won’t be hanging around on the shelves for long so make sure to move quickly if you like what you see and want to add one to your own EDC / cardistry collection.

Unique Design & Build

Focusing on small batch, heritage quality goods, anything that emerges from the Pilecki Goods workshop has been made with considerable care and attention that you just don’t get with mass produced goods and this first class collab with Dan & Dave is no exception. Each one of these limited edition card clips is unique with its own leather grain, shade and tooling marks.

This is because each Card Clip has been made by hand in Hollywood California by Dan and Dave. You can watch it develop its own unique patina the more often you use it which will be entirely unique to you and your clip. It has an aluminium base by Joe Porper and laser engraved on the inner spine with “Dan and Dave” Logo and “Joe Porper Made in USA”.  It has been designed to hold 52 Cards and their case. An EDC essential pure and simple.

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