Pillbox Bat Co Baseball Glove Wallets

We’ve featured more than our fair share of wallets here on the pages of The Coolector in the past but it’s fair to say we’re big fans of ones that dare to do things a little differently and that’s something which can certainly be applied to these Pillbox Bat Co Baseball Glove Wallets which, as the name suggests, are made from repurposed baseball gloves to give a highly distinctive and striking aesthetic that fans of the game are sure to love.

Pillbox Bat Co are best known for their stunning, hand-painted baseball bats so these fantastic wallets are somewhat of a departure for them but there’s no denying the classy nature of these exemplary accessories which really do stand out from the crowd from a visual point of view. Baseball gloves are, by their very nature, incredibly robust so these wallets are going to make a long-standing addition to your EDC line up.

Hand Crafted Quality

With plenty of different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a Pillbox Bat Co Baseball Glove Wallet that matches your aesthetic requirements and style tastes. Each one is made by hand in Minnesota, USA, and there is a tangible sense of quality to the touch and if you’ve spent your life playing and watching baseball, you’ll probably be quite nostalgic about the visuals of the vintage repurposed leather mitts that these cracking wallets are made from.

Taking their design inspiration from the golden age of baseball, these vintage style Pillbox Bat Co Baseball Glove Wallets are a minimalistic offering that has space for your essential cards and won’t make a dent in your pocket profile courtesy of their slimline design. With each wallet made being entirely unique due to them being crafted from individual vintage gloves, no two will ever be the same so if you’re wanting a wallet that is truly unique to you then look no further.

Crafted in conjunction with Leatherworks Minnesota, these excellent looking wallets are the perfect gift for any baseball loving man and their quality finish and versatility helps set them apart from the competition. Your cards are  accessible from two outside pockets and there is an inner wire clip for securing your paper money. Small but perfectly formed, these first class wallets are the sort of understated, unique pieces of EDC that we love here at The Coolector.

Baseball Brilliance

Pillbox Bat Co are famed for their handcrafted quality products and they’ve extended this into the world of wallets now with these magnificent looking accessories which will be the ideal addition to your EDC line up – particularly if you’ve got a penchant for baseball and exemplary leather goods. The fact that each one is entirely unique is a real selling point in our opinion and we’re in little doubt baseball fans will be snapping up these wallets in their droves.

For anyone in need of an understated, stylish, minimalistic and unique wallet this summer, you’re not going to find many candidates better for the job than these Pillbox Bat Co Baseball Glove Wallets. Costing $110, these are a great idea for a design which repurposes vintage baseball gloves and gives them a new lease of life – two thumbs up from us at Coolector HQ.

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