Pillbox Bat Company

Though our baseball skills are definitely negligible to say the least here at Coolector HQ, we certainly appreciate great design and vintage aesthetics and that’s why we’ve well and truly fallen for the awesome wares from Pillbox Bat Company.

The Pillbox Bat Company are an off-shot of another favourite brand of ours here at The Coolector – namely, the Sanborne Canoe Company – and the same striking design work has gone into their creation of baseball bats which look so fantastically cool that you almost certainly won’t want to use them in an actual game of baseball for fear of ruining them.

The brand was born from a love of baseball from the company’s two founders, Zak Fellman and Dan Watson, who played little league baseball together and whose love of the game and design in adult life has given rise to the Pillbox Bat Company and their superb array of wonderfully handcrafted baseball bats. Check out a few more shots below:







If you’re a baseball and retro design lover (one out of two ain’t bad) then you’ll probably join us here at Coolector HQ in lover this project. The Pillbox Bat Company will tick all of the right aesthetic boxes and with a variety of styles and materials to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect option for you in their small but perfectly formed selection of bats.

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