P’INCH Instant Ruler

Needless to say, there will be various times during the day when you’ll need to know the length of something or other and seldom will you have a device to hand that will help alleviate this problem but no longer will this be some bothersome courtesy of a rather awesome looking little implement that goes by the name of the P’INCH Instant Ruler.

The work of WKRMN which is is one-man design studio that operates out of Saint Paul, Minnesota and all the products that are produced are typically made to order, one of a kind products and something with more than a hint of functionality and uniqueness and the P’INCH Instant Ruler is certainly no exception. Doubling as a pin that can be adhered to clothing and used as and when required, this spiffing little device measures an inch in length and can be utilised to accurately measure all manner of measurements that you’ll encounter in everyday circumstances.

Crafted from enamel, the P’INCH Instant Ruler can be used to accurately measure distance, width and thickness so whenever you find yourself in a situation that requires answer to size questions, this will certainly get you out of a pinch. Check out a few more shots of this cracking little accessory below:




If you’re adverse to lugging a tape measure around and don’t plan on measuring vast distances, the P’INCH Instant Ruler may well be the ideal solution to your requirements and the fact it looks so cool is certainly another string to its bow. We love great little pieces of design like this at Coolector HQ and whilst we acknowledge that it is far from revolutionary, it is exactly the sort of implement that boasts the level of usefulness that consumers typically crave.

Price: $7

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