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It goes without saying that Switzerland is the spiritual home of watchmaking and horology but such is the small, neutral country’s grip on the industry, it is often difficult for watchmakers from other countries to get a look in. That is unless, of course, they happen to make truly spectacular timepieces that rival those from Switzerland on every level and, we’re delighted to report, there is an English watchmaker that does exactly that and they go by the name of Pinion.

The Pinion Watch Company herald from South Oxfordshire and their watches are designed, created, finished and assembled right here in the United Kingdom and that is something rather unprecedented for a modern timepiece. We here at Coolector HQ are firm fans of not just the visual appeal of these watches from Pinion but also the fact they are flying the horology flag for the UK so admirably.

Pinion offer a number of different timepieces to suit different style tastes and we’re firm fans of all their wares here at The Coolector as they are made with precision and no shortage of design flair. Pinion timepieces are powered, as you might expect, by Swiss movements and are the brainchild of a skilled designer by the name of Piers Berry who aimed to showcase his love of mechanical watches through his creation of a UK based watch brand. Check out a few of their spiffing timepieces below:








Timepieces are certainly one of our favourite accessories here at Coolector HQ and when they’re as well made and stylish as these from Pinion, it’s hard not to be impressed. If you’re wanting a luxury watch that is a little less mainstream but doesn’t compromise on quality of craftsmanship or components then you’re likely to find exactly what you are looking for with the stunning range of timepieces from the Pinion Watch Company.

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