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Having handy tech accessories is something that we always strive for here at Coolector HQ and when it comes to keeping your various gadgets charged, you’ll find few better candidates for the job than this excellent looking Pirl Charger which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak. This cracking little tech accessory is billed as the most powerful 4-port charger and if you’re looking for a versatile solution for your workspace, this is surely it.

The Pirl Charger on Kickstarter was funded in just 9 hours which is testament to how much consumers are wanting a charging device of this nature and its innovative, functional design really does help make it stand out from the competition. This expertly conceived charging solution was born out of frustrations with conventional chargers available today. With most being poorly designed, short-lived and devoid of many key features Pirl wanted. So they decided to build our own from scratch.

All Your Charging Needs Met

The Pirl Charger has been carefully crafted for demanding technology users who need rapid charging, superior electrical protections, flexibility, and visibility of power usage. This excellent tech accessory has taken Kickstarter by storm and it charges multiple USB devices at their fastest rate with no throttling. The Pirl Charger provides 2.7 amps per port and 50 watts total so all your charging needs should be covered without much fuss.

Crafted from aluminium, a fact which elevates the Pirl Charger above most other plastic ones on the market, this fantastic device has the look and feel of a more substantive object than most chargers and will sit wonderfully well in any style of contemporary workspace. It has all the features you’ll need for your charging requirements including DC input jack, indicator LEDs, USB ports and aluminium top and bottom plates for the classy aesthetics.

Capable of powering multiple smartphones, tablets, headphones and various other devices, the Pirl Charger will be a godsend for those who have an abundance of tech accessories taking up residence in their workspace. It intelligently detects how quickly any given device can charge and the robust materials mean that it is built to last. It has overheating protection, ESD protection and it is the perfect travel companion courtesy of its surge protection prowess.

Perfect Portability 

Due to its pocket sized dimensions, the Pirl Charger is extremely easy to port around with you for your charging requirements on the go. It is the first charger to have an integrated wattameter and the first maker friendly charger which essentially means that you can make your own battery packs for it. Each one comes with an AC / DC adaptor, car adaptor and gel pad for mounting the Pirl Charger on any surface.

If you’ve long been searching for the ideal solution to all your charging needs, you might just have found it in the shape of the Pirl Charger on Kickstarter. This excellent little device has taken the crowdfunding platform by storm and surged to its funding target in no time at all which really showcases how useful and worthwhile a charging accessory this is.

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