Pixo Magnetic Tablet Mount

There are times when one screen simply isn’t enough for a workspace and, conversely, times when you don’t quite need (or have space for) a second screen. Thus, it is clear that a happy compromise is required and we might just have found it in the form of this awesome looking Pixo Magnetic Tablet Mount which is funding over on Kickstarter right now.

This super cool but brutally simple piece of design is designed to make your workspace much more functional and versatile but not adding unduly to the amount of desk space that you use up in the process. In essence, Pixo is a tablet mount that lets you attach your tablet to your computer and use it as a second display but, in actuality, it is a clever piece of design which solves a problem a lot of those in the creative industry deal with – namely the need to have multiple screens available at the same time.

The Pixo Magnetic Tablet Mount is compatible with different tablet sizes from 7.9” to to 12.9” so regardless of what sort of tablet you’re rocking, it’s likely that Pixo will help you turn it into a second screen for your workspace. Check out a few more shots below:



PIXO_front view_CD_02_LR





PIXO_Single_right side detail_LR


We love design that makes life easier here at Coolector HQ and the Pixo Magnetic Tablet Mount certainly falls into this category and does so in a functional and understated manner. With space for adding a number of tablets to a desktop machine, this is a great way of adding that extra dimension to your workspace without making it overbearing and cluttered. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen with the Pixo Magnetic Tablet Mount, you can head over to Kickstarter and show your support now.

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