We’re all spending more time in our homes of late so making them as relaxing and visually appealing as possible is a must and, in our opinion, plants are a great way of doing this. With this in mind, this brilliant little design from Nisnas that goes by the name of Plant1Up is an essential addition to your interior design endeavours in 2021. Taking Kickstarter by storm, Plant1Up is billed as a magnetic hive-planter ecosystem to grow an indoor forest.

With prices starting from just $18, Plant1Up isn’t going to break the bank but will add a peaceful, plant-based aesthetic to your home over the coming months. The modular design of this small but perfectly formed product is going to ensure you can find a solution to fit the space you’re looking to fill and lets you bring the outdoors in for a boost of wellbeing and the opportunity to build an indoor garden with magnetic planter modules.

Inspired By Bees

Taking its design inspiration from beehive cells, the base of Plant1Up is tiny, fits on the palm of your hand, and scales up significantly with magnetic connectors to help create an entire planter ecosystem that has the capability to fill a whole room if desired. Simply add a module, add a plant, then connect again on any side with 16 magnets on each cell.

The Plant1Up on Kickstarter (from $18) is an important addition to your home during the stressful lockdowns we’ve all been subjected to over the last year and more as plants give off a feeling of calm and the Plant1Up from Nisnas allows you to build your own garden indoors with magnetic cells that scale up endlessly.

From the incredibly small to the very large ecosystems, Plant1Up will scale up to allow you to create the garden of your dreams indoors. One module or cell is an innovatively designed platform that can be built upon again and again to make a verdant set up. It will fit in the palm of your hand consists of a magnetic framework, 1 polymer planting pot, complete with a built-in drainage platform system.

As Big Or Small As You Like

From one cell, you can grow many more with Plant1Up until you have a forest of magnetic planters. They connect so intuitively with 16 magnets on each module that you will have a stunning indoor garden in just a few minutes. The modular nature of the design means you can change their orientation at any time and completely change the aesthetic of a room effortlessly.

With prices beginning at just $18, Plant1Up is great value for money considering the sense of well being and aesthetic superiority it will bring to a room. Using Plant1Up could not be more straightforward. Just take one plastic tub, insert your plant of choice with plenty of planting soil. Now take your tub with the plant in it and place it into the rectangular framework. Job done. Like what you see? Head on over to Kickstarter now.

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