Plazmatic Lighters

Lighters have remained more or less unchanged for many a year now, and here at Coolector HQ, we believe they’re long overdue for a shake-up.Well, the guys at Plazmatic have taken it upon themselves to be the ones to deliver. If you like your EDC to have a bit of flair to it, and a lighter is a part of your day to day carry, these offerings from Plazmatic are going to be right up your alley.

Plazmatic founder, Matthew Stoll, was running his own electronics company when the idea struck him; re-invent the humble lighter to be more functional, versatile and great looking. Plazmatic Lighters prove to be an eco-friendly alternative to the butane lighters.

Light It Up

Plazmatic Lighters are the result of thousands of hours of designing and prototyping, and the Plazmatic team is always working to improve their products. Since it’s release nearly three years ago, the Plazmatic X – their flagship lighter – has benefited from battery upgrades, a slimmer case, a safety lock, and a low battery indicator. And then there’s that iconic purple “X” beam, which really makes Plazmatic Lighters stand out from the crowd.

There’s a lot to love about Plazmatic Lighters, not least the fact they look awesome, deliver a quiet, reliable lighting power at over 900 degrees and, perhaps most importantly, they have a positive effect on the environment by doing away with the need for butane found in conventional lighters.

With dozens of styles to choose from, there’s definitely a Plazmatic to suit every personality type.. We’re personally favouring the more understated offerings like the matte black lighters, but if you want something a bit more showy, there are plenty of brilliantly illustrated lighters to choose from with designs inspired by the likes of Star Wars, Space Invaders and The Matrix.

Pocket Presence

Lighters are a mainstay in the pockets of many men out there and if you’re after something that is good for the environment, great looking, and performs like a dream, the Plazmatic Lighter is just the thing for you. Impeccably well designed and immeasurably functional, these lighters not only look the part but will always be there when you need them.

Plazmatic Lighters are available in a number of different styles but, as you may have gathered, it’s their “X” iterations that have really caught our eye at Coolector HQ. A really striking item aesthetically, these lighters couldn’t look cooler if they tried and for anyone looking to enhance the quality of their EDC, these lighters are certainly a good place to start.

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