Pocket Sprite

Mobile gaming has come a long way in the last few years. There are plenty of new gaming systems out there, one of the most interesting is Pocket Sprite. This tiny, Gameboy-like emulator is the world’s smallest portable gaming device. It can be put on a keyring to allow you to take your games with you literally wherever you go.

The tiny emulator is no joke. It’s a full-featured device that can fit in the palm of your hand. It’s directional pad and main gaming buttons are placed in obvious Gameboy-like locations, and the small square OLED screen of the small but perfectly formed Pocket Sprite gives you quality graphics despite its minuscule size.

A Lot of Technology Packed Into a Little Box

The device measures 55 mm by 32 mm by 14 mm. The screen is a 96 by 45-pixel display that’s capable of 60 fps. There’s also a single, small 8-bit speaker. Charging is handled via a micro USB port ant the battery life is supposed to last for several hours so you’ll be able to whip this out on any boring journey or commute.

One of the best thing about the Pocket Sprite is the sheer number of possibilities when it comes to games. You can play all of your favorites. The Pocket Sprite has games from Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Master System, Gamegear, and many more. Adding games is easy, too, because the Pocket Sprite has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology meaning new games are just a click away.

Also, there’s what’s called “Boss Mode” which lets you pick up right where you left off, eliminating the need to keep playing when you don’t want to in order to get to a checkpoint or save location within the game. With many of the older games that the Pocket Sprite runs, this is a major boon for the little device.

Tiny Device, Big Gaming Fun

The Pocket Sprite is open source, too. This means you can build your own games and alter the code that makes them work if you so please. You can even buy the parts that make up the Pocket Sprite and build your own playable tiny emulator. The Pocket Sprite is a crowdfunded project and is already 445 percent funded.

Jeroen Domburg is in charge of the team behind this innovative and undeniably cool little gaming device. In 2016, he built a proof-of-concept version, which was praised by those who saw the early iteration. Now the Pocket Sprite is fully developed and good to go. While it might not be the most technologically advanced piece of gaming equipment out there right now, it’s definitely one of the most interesting.

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