PaperPan Paper Artwork

As we’re all pretty much working from home right now, most of us are turning our attention to our home offices and if, like us here at Coolector HQ, you like to surround yourself with awesome artwork, there is an Istanbul artist by the name of PaperPan that very much needs to be on your radar right now. If you love vibrant, intricately crafted artwork for your home office, this will be right up your street and the animal inspired art is going to provide an eye-catching aesthetic wherever you choose to hang them.

The PaperPan Paper Art is available on Etsy and prices start at a mighty reasonable £294 which considering the originality and intricate nature of these creations, it represents excellent value for money. These spectacular creations are the handiwork of Tayfun Tınmaz who is a paper artist from Istanbul. He graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Paint Department and he uses all he’s learnt to craft these mesmerising pieces of artwork.

Paper Perfection

It’s amazing to see what Tinmaz is capable of creating with just paper as his principal material and colourful papers were the ideal tool to express the images which he had in his mind’s eye and the end results are nothing short of extraordinary. This PaperPan Paper Artwork are definitely to our visual style here at The Coolector and if you’re equally as enamoured with vibrant pieces for your home, you’re sure to love them too.

The PaperPan Paper Artwork (From £294) boast a pleasing animal aesthetic and you can choose from anything from elephants to bees and parrots. The striking nature of the designs have a great minimalistic vibe that catches the eye but certainly aren’t ostentatious and will create a really cool look and feel to any home office and brighten it up in these times of social distancing and isolation.

It was the toucan bird that was Tinmaz’s first inspiration and design for his Paperpan brand and this is certainly one of our favourites here at The Coolector. As he was working on the toucan creation, he was highly impressed by the harmony of colours and contrasts within tropical life and this inspired him to make  a collection of tropical birds. And now he is expending his inimitable style into a variety of other subjects. Each as colour and intricate as the last.

Wonderfully Intricate Designs

These PaperPan pieces of art are so intricately designed that it’s hard not to be impressed by what Tinmaz has achieved here. The handmade pyramid pieces fit perfectly together like the pieces of a puzzle and form the design itself. The display of the design is also important to the artist; namely, the square frame, space between the frame and the design. 

With prices starting at under £300, these represent an amazing addition to any art-lover’s collection and we’re definitely looking to get our hands on some here at The Coolector. For those with a penchant for colourful, creative designs for their workspace, these are sure to be ticking all the right boxes and they’re ready to be purchased from Etsy right now.

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