Pocono Modern Playing Cards

It’s been a while since we had some playing cards on the pages of The Coolector so they had to be a good one when they graced the site once again and that’s exactly what we’ve found with these awesome looking Pocono Modern Playing Cards by Kraig Kalashian.

Currently bossing Kickstarter, these Pocono Playing Cards have certainly appealed to our design side here at Coolector HQ and they have been inspired by mid-century style graphics and boast an array of whimsical characters that make for one cracking collection of playing cards.

The design of the Pocono Modern Playing Cards aims to be appealing to both adults and children alike and having pored over their designs, we can vouch for the fact that they appeal to adults and, luckily, they’ve already met their Kickstarter target so we don’t need to fret about them reaching the market. You can check out why we love these cards so much with a few shots below:

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Though we’ve written about more sets of playing cards than we’d ever need to own here at Coolector HQ, these ones from Pocono Modern are definitely amongst our favourites.

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