Pod Slancom House

If you’ve got pets, chances are you will have made sacrifices with your home design to accommodate them but Pod Slancom House in Slovakia goes a step beyond and has been purpose built with the pets in mind in the first place. Designed by Sadovsky & Architects and with 280m² of living space, this residential property is visually impressive and has loads of excellent little design features which have been incorporated with the owner’s array of pets in mind. It has perimeter walls that are separated and expand into the garden area before partially reconnecting to the house again.

A glorious piece of modernist architecture, Pod Slacom House from Sadovsky & Architects has a perforated concrete wall that provides a semi-permeable membrane that subdivides the garden into an internal and external oasis that is perfect for the owners and their pets alike. Whilst the inner garden is found amidst the actual interior and exterior and provides the owners with an intimate controlled space, the external garden tract is more natural and verdant.

Pet Priorities

The Ground Floor of Pod Slancom House is a magnified open space which is enclosed on two sides by walls and at the same time effectively opened on the remaining two fronts to the surrounding private gardens that stretch out beyond and serve as a wonderfully tranquil space to relax and unwind. The main living area is in a prime position defined by the essential service “box” where you’ll find the home’s staircase, storage, and bathrooms alongside the parents’ space such as the master bedroom, bathroom, and study.

Pets take priority with Pod Slancom House and the owner’s cats and dogs are certainly well served by the large open plan spaces of this majestic piece of contemporary architecture from Sadovsky & Architects. The kitchen is positioned out towards the leisure garden and the living room to the functional terrace with a traditional lawn and swimming pool area. The large skylight found above the kitchen allows for plenty of natural light to seep into the home and give it a warming, relaxing feel during the hot summer months in Slovakia.

We’ve not featured any architecture from Slovakia previously on the pages of The Coolector and this one plays firmly into our cat and dog loving sensibilities. With a sleek, stylish and highly versatile layout, there’s an awful lot to appreciate with Pod Slancom House from Sadovsky & Architects. If you’ve got a penchant for contemporary design, this one will be right up your street too and we can’t wait to see what this talented team of architects come up with next.

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