Poler LeTent Rooftop Tent

If you’ve ever looked at a truck and thought “what that needs is a tent” then prepare to be amazed. Now as summer is steadily striding our way, we appreciate you may consider a spot of camping, as it’s by far and away the best time of year to do so and, if you’re planning for it, a cursory glance in the direction of this incredible bit of kit that goes by the name of the Poler LeTent Rooftop Tent will certainly serve you well.

Granted you could quite simply camp out in tents, but we’ll leave that to the Scouts, as we’re talking about grown-up camping, and the only way to do that is comfortably. As an alternative the VW Camper springs to mind, and why not; it has style, comfort, heritage, and looks undeniably awesome…. but it’s also around the 10k mark, so you’re going to need deep pockets. With all of this in mind, we’ve had a little thinking session at Coolector HQ, and have concurred that the best possible choice is quite simply the Le Tent Rooftop Tent by Poler. See why we’ve reached this conclusion below:




Constructed using heavy duty waterproof canvas, a queen size mattress, and aluminium poles, the LeTent sounds like a nightmare to setup; but don’t fret just yet as apparently gravity is all you will need to erect your tent, marvellous!

As the tent will be situated on the roof of your car (soft tops are not advisable), we guess you’re wondering how you’ll get into your temporary accommodation? Well obviously there’s a ladder, which means traversing your way into tent after a few too many craft ales becomes an adventure in its own right. Speaking of adventure, here’s a rather spiffing retro video from the chaps at Poler championing the awesomeness of their LeTent:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″]http://vimeo.com/94077785[/vimeo]

Camping doesn’t always connote fun, but when you take away all of the nitty-gritty difficulties the common camper has to face and replace it with Poler’s LeTent, the whole experience seems so much more appealing, and for that the LeTent is definitely a worthy recipient of two thumbs up from us here at Coolector HQ.

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