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Given our more than mild obsession with Guinness here at Coolector HQ, you’D think we would pay more heed to other awesomeness heralding from Dublin but, to our shame, a rather cracking apparel label by the name of Project A has flown under our radar until now.

As we don’t do a particular good job of hiding our love of printed tees at The Coolector, you won’t be altogether too surprised to hear that the wares from Project A are cut from the same cloth and boast a mightily impressive collection of top notch graphic T-shirts that you’ll likely appreciate if you’re of a similar fashion mindset to us.

Simple and effective is the main requirements we ask for from clothing at Coolector HQ and the offerings from Project A hit the nail on the hand with both and whilst they don’t currently have a vast array of apparel to be choosing from, what they do have is stylish enough to compensate for any lack of diversity. Take a look at a few more shots of their decidedly dapper clothing below:





Dublin is a city that we’ve visited with some regularity here at Coolector HQ and it is undoubtedly one of our favourite cities so it pleases us greatly to have find such an excellent apparel brand heralding from the Emerald Isle in the form of Project A and we’ve become firm followers of their wares.

We hope that they will be adding significantly to their array of clothing over the coming months, particularly as summer is now upon us and this is typically when our T-shirt consumption at Coolector HQ because unquenchable. Excellent T-shirts with an understated style and the additional benefit of sharing a city with Guinness.

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