Poler Stuff Mega Camera Cooler

With camping season upon us, most outdoor lovers will be turning their attention to the wares that they’ll be taking into the wild over the next six months and, for most, this will mean heading to Poler Stuff because they always have some great outdoor accessories to enjoy – the latest example being this ace looking Poler Stuff Mega Camera Cooler.

This great looking outdoor carry from Poler Stuff will be ideally suited to short trips out into the wild and is right up our street here at The Coolector as its got enough room for no less than 18 beers and plenty of room for your picnic supplies to boot. Better still, if you’re the sort that likes to document your outdoor excursions, this ace bag is designed with cameras in mind and has a separate section for storage.

Durable, functional and versatile enough to be used for any manner of camping trip, the Poler Stuff Mega Camera Cooler is going to be ideally suited to any adventures into the wild you’ve got over the next few months and you can take a look at a few more shots below:






With a couple of months to go until full on camping season, now is the time to get your outdoor accessories game up to scratch and items like the Mega Camera Cooler from Poler Stuff is the perfect place to start.

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