Poritz & Studio Tambour Desk

Workspaces are an essential part of the creative process and finding one that fits in with your own style of working and, indeed, your own interior design efforts can be a laborious process. It least it would be were it not for incredible pieces of design like this supremely striking and wonderfully crafted Tambour Desk from Brooklyn based Poritz & Studio.

Poritz & Studio are a full service design and fabrication studio who pride themselves on designing and crafting architecture, furniture and millwork packages for residential, hospitality and commercial projects. It’s safe to say that their eye-catching and spectacularly styled Tambour Desk is one of our favourite pieces from their workshop here at Coolector HQ and for anyone on the hunt for a breathtaking workspace, this would be right up there with the best of them.

Deliciously Designed Desk

The Poritz & Studio Tambour Desk is one of those pieces of design that you simply cannot help being drawn to such is the intricate nature of its design and phenomenally well made elements. This awesome piece of designer furniture is a great example of classic meeting contemporary and its versatility really does help to set it apart from the competition. Striking and boasting plenty of unexpected design features, this is exactly the sort of workspace that we’d gravitate towards here at Coolector HQ and the quality on offer here is utterly unparalleled.

We love classically styled furniture with a modern twist at The Coolector and the Tambour Desk from Poritz & Studio positively excels at this aesthetic. This fantastic piece of furniture is a one of a kind design which uses the classic horizontal sliding tambour door movement and adds a contemporary twist to proceedings to give the finished product a whole new lease of life. The sophisticated curves and movement of the tambour sliding door is a real stand out feature of the design and you’ll love its versatility if you’re lucky enough to make this your workspace.

A real sense of quality is immediately apparent with these Tambour Desks from Poritz & Studio (as you would expect from a piece with such a lofty price tag) and each one is entirely hand made in Brooklyn, New York. Extremely clever in design, each tambour wood slat sits atop a rail, which means the beauty and elegance of the sliding door can be seen from all angles as it effortlessly glides over the base. An attractive hardwood casework and drawers deliver plentiful storage space and an impressive robustness that will ensure the longevity of your desk.

Material Matters

These stunning desks from Poritz & Studio are made from the wonderfully luxurious material of walnut and measure W64″ D27″ H30″ – though you can request custom sizes if you desire – so will provide a perfect surface area for all your working requirements on a day to day basis.

The sleek, elegant and versatile design of the Tambour Desk from Poritz & Studio really is second to none and for anyone looking for their next workspace (and who happens to have decidedly deep pockets), this superb piece of design would certainly be one of our first picks here at Coolector HQ.

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