Porsche 911 Colour Series

We’re not the biggest car aficionados here at Coolector HQ but we’re certainly fans of awesome looking design projects and that’s what we’ve got on our hands here with the Porsche 911 Colour Series project by British designer, Matt Sykes.

Porsche are one of the car makers that we do favour here at The Coolector so this project was already preaching to the converted and when its coupled with brilliant illustrative skills, we’re inevitably completely sold. The premise behind the project was to reveal the classic Porsche colourings and Sykes bashed it out in a weekend. Great looking and enlightening – right up Coolector HQ’s street. Check out the rest below:

blue burgundy green grey red tangerine yellow


If you’re a Porsche fan you’re likely to enjoy this project very much and even if you’re not, it’s obviously ace so enjoy it anyway.

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