Sanborn Canoe Outdoor Goods

We’re far from outdoorsmen here at The Coolector but this isn’t to say that we can’t appreciate the goods designed with hardier souls than us in mind. The latest purveyor of outdoor goods to come into our purview goes by the name of Sanborn Canoe and they have got some mightily spiffing wares worthy of your attention.

Sanborn Canoe Outdoor Goods hail from the brilliantly named Little Trout Valley Road in Minnesota and they have a superb array of goods suitable for the sort of woodsmen you’re more likely to find there than in the urban locales surrounding Coolector HQ. That doesn’t mean to say we’re not wowed by the awesomeness of their goods and you can see a few of our favourites of theirs below:






Needless to say, canoeing is the principle passion of this excellent outdoor accessory company and we’re loving the rustic feel and dedication to quality that pervades all of their fantastically designed goods.

Available: Sandborn Canoe

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