Porsche Syberia RS Rally Car

In order to successfully compete in a rally, a vehicle needs to be made of tough stuff and you’ll not see many more robust and uncompromising as this stunning Porsche Syberia RS Rally Car from Buckhard Industries. This is one eye-catching contraption which has been put together to tackle the most unforgiving of terrains and boasts some amazing features throughout which help set it apart from your average rallying vehicle.

The Porsche Syberia RS Rally Car from Buckhard Industries is built upon the rich heritage that the German carmaker has in the world of rallying. The first race the 911 took part in back in the day was the 1965 Monte Carlo rally, which they entered because Porsche’s PR man at the time wanted to showcase just how much the future icon was capable of. The following year, Porsche started selling an optional rally kit for the 911 that included Recaro seats, a roll bar, and adjustable Koni dampers.

German Precision

Needless to say, the Porsche 911 is a pretty impressive and capable canvas to build upon but Buckhard Industries have gone above and beyond the call of duty with this spectacular Syberia RS Rally Car. This classy vehicle came into being because Kai Buckhard, the man behind Buckhard Industries, wanted to purchase a Humvee, but the low top speed, of around 50 miles per hour, put him of so he took matters into his own hands and, as you can see, the end result is a visual treat.

The Buckland Industries Porsche Syberia RS Rally Car is built upon a 1986 911 “in collector condition” which was imported from Japan with the intention of rebuilding it to deliver all the off-road fun Buckland could have had in the Humvee. He tapped the Tailor Made department at German suspension designer H&R for their assistance and the two set to work crafting a build in the mould of the 953 Dakar winner.

There are no shortage of cool design features added to this custom build from Buckland Industries which includes a roof rack, two additional rally lights on the hood, perforated safety bumpers, a winch which is tucked into the front bumper with a faceplate reading “Come Up,” tie-downs on the back bumper, and an RS-style tail which is commonplace on the Safari Cars above a custom, central-exit exhaust.

No Nonsense Performer

One look at this Porsche Syberia RS Rally Car and you’ll know only too well that it will take almost any terrains in its stride. Its frame sits on a set of Hankook DynaPro Mud Terrain light truck tires, which are sized at 215/85 R16 akin to the 953, on Fuchs wheels.

The interior of this breathtaking bespoke build boasts Recaro race seats up against a roll cage, a Momo steering wheel, and a high-rise gear lever that will help deliver an unparalleled performance out on the track. We love Porsches here at The Coolector and when you see when as eye-catching and impressive as this one from Buckland Industries its hard not to be impressed.

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