Portraits from the Woods (Collector’s Edition) Hardback

You’d need to have been living under a rock for the last decade or so not to have at least heard about The Walking Dead series and it was (for a while) one of our favourite shows here at Coolector HQ so we were delighted to hear that Norman Reedus AKA Darryl Dixon had been taking behind the scenes candids for years and they’ve made their way into this awesome looking Portraits from the Woods (Collector’s Edition) Hardback.

Priced at $150, this coffee table book will make the perfect gift for any fan of The Walking Dead and it has some truly compelling imagery from what goes on behind the scenes on the hit zombie show. Portraits From The Woods showcases Reedus’ photography credentials and this special collector’s edition version comes in a clothbound clamshell box and includes a signed archival photograph.

Going Behind The Scenes

In this brand-new and electrifying book of photography by Norman Reedus, the star has managed to capture moments behind the scenes of TWD as only Norman could provide. With his unique sense of humour, traveling into the Deep South woods of Georgia with Norman’s cast of characters and zombies, alongside portraits of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Hideo Kojima, Lena Dunham, Diane Kruger, Dave Chapelle and many more – this amazing book really does reveal the individuals that inhabit his life.

The Portraits from the Woods (Collector’s Edition) Hardback ($150) showcases Norman Reedus’ indelible way of capturing the beauty and mystery in those around him. His photographs are as beautiful as they are terrifying, macabre and provoking. They are alternately dark and sublime and Norman is seldom seen without his camera.

Like his life on set and in the real world, Reedus’s images rapidly switch between the real and surreal. Certain portraits remain vivid and clear, while others are washed in mystery: grainy, hazy and obscured. What brings together all of these faces are the eyes that see them: Norman’s. From those eyes come a piercing intimacy, both precious and scarce.

Wonderful Walking Dead Insights

There are some 144 pages of amazing photos and insights from behind the scenes of The Walking Dead in Reedus’ excellent tome. The Portraits from the Woods (Collector’s Edition) Hardback ($150) is definitely captured our imagination here at Coolector HQ given our love of the show and we’re sure there will be plenty of others out there who will love to get their hands on this behind the scenes footage.

The Portraits from the Woods (Collector’s Edition) Hardback ($150) is a great gift for Christmas or addition to your line up of coffee table books. The fact it is a limited edition offering merely serves to add to its appeal still further and if you want to see what the actors got up to through the eyes of one of their own, look no further.

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