Postcards from Chernobyl

The Chernobyl disaster is undoubtedly one of the biggest man-made catastrophes in living memory and it’s made all the more poignant by the fact it is more or less unexplored since the accident due to the high levels of radiation still in evidence there. With this in mind, then, this extraordinary video entitled Postcards From Chernobyl from British film maker, Danny Cooke, is all the more visually arresting as it gives us a drone’s eye view of the desolation and panicked state in which the Ukrainian city was left on that fateful day in 1986.

Seeing how the city lies dormant, unchanged for nearly 30 years is a thoroughly jaw-dropping thing to see and Cooke has expertly captured the haunting beauty of the city in Postcards From Chernobyl which he recorded for an episode of 60 Minutes on CBS. Time has well and truly stood still in Chernobyl, for obvious reasons, and seeing this provides some genuinely nerve tingling moments as the drone is used to capture scenes from all over the city including an entire floor covered in gas masks, a motionless amusement park and a myriad of crumbling ruins of a once lively city.

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We really appreciate well conceived film making like this fantastic offering from Cooke here at Coolector HQ and the fact that the Chernobyl disaster is approaching 30 years since it transpired, it resonates all the more. If you’ve ever wondered what state the city is now in, this expertly put together video from Devon based Danny Cooke is likely as close as you’ll ever get to knowing.

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