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It’s been a little while since we’ve featured a bicycle brand here on the pages of The Coolector so now the time has come to do so once again, it stands to reason that we’ve gone for one positively soaked in awesomeness. The brand in question is Prāna Custom Cycles and they boast a striking visual appeal that is inspired by the street bikes of India but their design has taken place right here in London, with construction taking place in India.

We’ve seen a lot of bicycles in our time and, truth be told, those from the streets of India may not have been our first port of call when it comes to aesthetics but, frankly, we’re willing to admit when we’re wrong and we’ve not seen many bikes out there that look better than Prāna Custom Cycles. Rather surprisingly, given the obvious awesomeness of their contraptions, these steeds from Prāna are unexpectedly affordable.

Their bikes start from £285 and when you consider that they boast timeless designs and top class construction, this is, in the eyes of The Coolector, a small price to pay for such an eye-catching bicycle. Check out a few more shots of the brilliant looking Prāna Custom Cycles below:





As a fan of the Darjeeling Limited movie here at Coolector HQ, there is a definite Wes Anderson vibe to these fantastic Prāna Custom Cycles and that just serves to ramp up their appeal to us still further. Though we’re not currently in the market for a new bicycle, it’s a fairly safe assessment that when the time comes to replace our current incumbent, these exceptional looking bicycles will be our top of our list.

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