Propel RC Star Wars Remote Control Ships

Star Wars is never far from our thoughts at Coolector HQ and this is particularly true of the awesome collection of vehicles and machines that inhabit that universe so you won’t be surprised to hear that we’ve fallen pretty hard for these awesome looking Propel Star Wars Remote Control Ships featuring the likes of the X-Wing and Millennium Falcon.

Propel RC are one of the world’s leading purveyors of remote control devices and you’ll likely join us in celebrating their leap into the Star Wars universe with this first class collection of machines from the hit movie franchise. If you’ve long been hankering for the opportunity to assume the role of Han Solo and pilot the Millennium Falcon are recreate those magnificent woodland chase scenes on Speeder Bikes then you’re in luck with this spiffing collection of RC devices.

Capable of reaching speeds of 37MPH and carrying out a whole host of impressive aerobatic stunts, these amazing Star Wars vehicles from Propel RC are going to keep you thoroughly entertained. Check out a few more shots below:













We know we’re not alone in loving Star Wars here at Coolector HQ and, at the time of writing and as if to confirm this, Propel RC website is currently down due to high traffic which just goes to show how much people are wanting to get their hands on these awesome looking remote control devices.

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