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Let’s face it, the fact that we’ve all got smartphones in our pocket nowadays more or less negates the need for cameras given just how good the ones on our phones are but that doesn’t mean to see we can live without the tangible pleasure of holding some of our favourite photos and that’s why this super cool looking Prynt Pocket Case for is going to appeal to plenty of technology and photography lovers out there.

Instant photos are something popularised by Polaroid cameras but not many people will be carrying these around on their adventures given their often cumbersome frames. If you want instant photos of the best pictures you take on your smartphone but don’t want to lug around a Polaroid, this Prynt Pocket Case is for you.

Photos in an Instant

You may remember Prynt from their earlier iteration of printing photos straight from your smartphone but their offering this time is going to me much more to people’s liking as it is considerably smaller and portable than the first time round and attaches to your smartphone like a case. The Prynt Pocket Case lets you print any photo instantly from your iPhone anytime, anywhere and it is this level of freedom that today’s photo hungry smartphone users are going to appreciate.

The Prynt Pocket Case has all the features that you’re going to want to make sure your instant photos turn out exactly as you want including, importantly perhaps in the age of Snapchat and Instagram, the ability to apply filters, frames, adjust lighting and add text to your photos before printing them out. In our opinion here at Coolector, one of the main reasons that this device appeals is the fact it doesn’t require printing ink and instead uses ZINK Sticker Paper which contains everything you need for clear printed photos.

With so much storage capacity on our phones and an almost infinite amount in the cloud, we are increasingly becoming a world of people taking photos that are seen once and forgotten but with this excellent looking Prynt Pocket Case, you’ll be creating more tangible memories and there is even an augmented reality feature which brings your printed photos back to life with a moving video when viewed through the Prynt App.

More Memories

For those of you with a bit more of an old school mindset when it comes to photography and who love to have photos they can go back and look at later on to remind them of a great adventure, this Prynt Pocket Case will deliver the goods. Simple to use and extremely portable, it is the perfect means of printing out any of your iPhone photos on the go and we’re sure that people are going to appreciate the device’s more diminutive dimensions this time round.

Boasting impressive technology and delivering the type of versatility that today’s tech obsessed demand, the Prynt Pocket Case will be ideal for any summer adventures that you’ve got planned. Whether this is a craft beer tour with friends (our pick) or excursions into the wild, this will make sure your memories live long.

Price: €150

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