Pull Pong

Let’s face it, we all would want a table tennis table in our homes or offices but it’s not always that simple and space to accommodate such a large piece isn’t always forthcoming and that’s why our week’s just got considerably better now that we’ve stumbled across a spiffing piece of design that goes by the name of Pull Pong.

Pull Pong is a corking piece of design from MWA that sees the awesomeness of ping pong and the issues of fitting a table into most homes and comes up with an excellent solution that will suit both lovers of table tennis and those serious about not compromising their interior design.

The Pull Pong table is a feat of design engineering as it folds into a dining table long enough to seat up to 8 people and when you fancy some table tennis action, it unfolds into a ping pong table in a classic case of win,win. Take a look at a few more shots below:





There are going to be plenty of table tennis lovers out there crying out for the opportunity to play ping pong in their own homes but who have, hitherto, been unable to due to being unable to justify taking up so much space but the Pull Pong table puts paid to those concern and lets you whack out the ping pong paddles whenever you fancy a game or two.

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