Pyro Camp Fire

With spring now upon us and summer not far behind, we’re inevitably turning our attention to backyard BBQs and craft beer and finding the perfect cooking accessories is a top priority right now. Enter this quality looking Pyro Camp Fire which is small but perfectly formed for crafting your favourite outdoor cooking creations.

The Pyro Fire Camp is billed as the ultimate in portable cooking solutions and it boasts a striking industrial aesthetic that we’re loving at Coolector HQ. Combining contemporary design and strong materials with a unique perforated stainless steel combustion chamber, Pyro have created a portable fire pit for camping that is safe, clean, and delivers an unobstructed view of the fire from any angle.

Great Value for Money

Designed and crafted by a brand that are themselves camping and overlanding enthusiasts, the PYRO Camp Fire is definitely going to be a bit of kit you won’t want to leave home without. On top of offering the best camp fire for nights under the stars, it also serves double-duty as a flexible outdoor grill for cooking with wood OR charcoal using the optional Grill Kit.

The PYRO Camp Fire (from $249) has a lightweight and compact design which is simple to transport while still offering an abundance of space for burning standard length firewood. The unique design of the fire pit wraps the flames in a perforated stainless steel mesh to make sure that it contains the burning embers and reduces the amount of sparks significantly.

Offering an incredibly clean burn, the performance of the PYRO Camp Fire is second to none and will provide a fantastic cooking experience. The key to a smokeless camp fire is plenty of airflow to keep the fire burning hot and clean. The perforated stainless steel mesh used in the combustion chamber ensures unparalleled airflow to keep the fire breathing for complete combustion to reduce smoke while burning.

Uncompromising Performance

Every PYRO Camp Fire unit is hand-assembled by high quality craftsmen in Kansas using American Steel and components to provide a tangible sense of quality to any cookouts that you throw. Each piece is made from 304 Stainless Steel for maximum corrosion resistance and tolerance for extreme temperatures. 

The unique griddle/grill combination provides flexible cooking options for a variety of meals and has a removable solid stainless steel base which contains ash and debris that fall from the combustion chamber above for easy cleanup and disposal.

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