It goes without saying that quarantine and lockdown are terms that we wouldn’t have expected to have been involved with in our lifetime here at Coolector HQ but it is clear that this situation should change the way we look to interact with the objects around us and an emphasis on hygiene and reducing the spread of bacteria is a must. As such, tools like the QuarantKey from O’Dea design should be a welcome addition to your EDC line up and you can get one in your pocket for a bargain price on Kickstarter right now.

The QuarantKey from O’Dea Design on Kickstarter is available for the bargain price of $25 for a single device and if you want to reduce the amount of contact points you have on a daily basis with things like ATMs, doors and bottles, it’s a must. The less contact you have with the sorts of things you didn’t think twice about touching previously is important in this pandemic era and items like the QuarantKey may well become a mainstay of people’s EDC line up for years to come.

Staying Safe

It’s clear that the current pandemic has served as a wake up call for the world and a clear indicator of just how quickly bacteria can be spread around the globe. The QuarantKey is purpose designed to help curb this spread and this cool looking, robust little accessory will be one of the first things you should be reaching for when heading out the door when the lockdown eventually comes to an end.

The QuarantKey from O’Dea Design on Kickstarter (from $25) was born from the fact their workshop was sitting idle during lockdown and they decided they wanted to do something to help and decided to put their CNC machine to use by crafting these excellent pieces of EDC. Made from brass, these accessories aim to enhance the versatility and functionality of other similar accessories on the market and if you’re after something to reduce your daily touch points, look no further.

The QuarantKey is much more than just a bottle opener, it’s an everyday carry multi-tool that will keep you from having to touch the many germ covered surfaces that you’re likely to encounter on a daily basis and therefore can help make sure you’re not spreading or the recipient of bacteria. Crafted from Alloy 360, which is the highest grade copper alloy and is known as Free Machining Brass – it has been used here due to its naturally antimicrobial properties courtesy of its 63% copper content.

Material Matters

It is the use of copper as a principal material of the QuarantKey which makes it so effective in tackling the spread of bacteria. It can be sprayed and wiped down with a disinfectant of course but, due to the high copper content, the brass accessory will completely disinfect itself after only 2-4 hours. In contrast, COVID-19 and other viruses can remain active on some hard surfaces for up to 6 days so making sure you use this accessory to make contact with them will lessen your chances of infection.

Available for as little as $25 during the Kickstarter campaign, the QuarantKey from O’Dea Design will be a great investment for those concerned about the cleanliness of surfaces and its natural anti-micro bacterial qualities set it apart from the competition. A clever design and multi-functionality performance make this an essential addition to your EDC line up and O’Dea Design are donating a portion of all proceeds from this campaign to Scranton Tomorrow’s Meals For Medics program, which provides meals for healthcare workers at one of their local hospitals.

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