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To be honest, the minute we saw the words, Thorgi: Corgi God of Thunder, we knew full well that we were going to love the work of Raw Legends, a design company on the Shapeways website with a penchant for using 3D printers for what they were intended (probably) i.e. nonsense.

Needless to say, given that we’ve given it top billing, the Thorgi 3D printed model is our favourite here at Coolector HQ but this isn’t to say there isn’t plenty of other awesomeness to be born witness to from this wonderfully creative bunch. How about Bane Cat (one for the Batman fans) or Blobfish for those with a penchant for the ugliest creatures on earth.

3D printing is, of course, used for many noble causes today but it is always good to have fun with technology as well and that’s something that can definitely be applied to the work of Raw Legend and their cracking array of 3D printed models. Take a look at a few of the best below:









As you can see, these miniature models aren’t going to revolutionise the world but they are extremely funny and we’re in no doubt that you’ll probably join us in wishing that they were cluttering up your workspace as we speak. 3D printing is an extremely exciting and, potentially, revolutionary form of apparatus but we’re heartened to see that there are still those out there prepared to use it with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Price: £18+

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