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There is something about well made wooden furniture that really appeals to our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ and when it’s crafted in a workshop so close to where we spent our formative years, we love it all the more. That’s why we’ve got more than a slight soft spot for the first class selection of wooden furniture from Sheffield based brand, RCC, and for those of you looking for some eye-catching interior design pieces crafted from reclaimed wood, this is the perfect place to start.

RCC Furniture are a Sheffield based workshop focusing on crafting striking pieces of wooden furniture from benches to dining tables and everything in between and, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on their site, they have a bespoke service that will create pieces of designer furniture to your specifications and requirements. Reclaimed wood is a material that not everyone will love but we’re big fans here at The Coolector and there is a pretty extensive selection of pieces to choose from at RCC Furniture.

Wooden Wonders

Finding the right pieces of furniture for your own interior design efforts is often quite a difficult undertaking but that’s something that you needn’t worry about with Sheffield based RCC Furniture because they have such an expansive range of wares that you’re sure to find something that more than fits the bill. Having grown their workshop exponentially over the last few years, RCC are now a fully fledged furniture business heralding from humble beginnings and that’s certainly something worthy of praise in our opinion here at The Coolector.

RCC Furniture pride themselves on their capacity to be able to make any furniture item to any size you require, big or small.  With in excess of 500 different designs available off the bat as standard, each one of these can be tailored to suit your needs so there really is an abundance of options when it comes to choosing your designs from RCC Furniture. They offer a healthy selection of materials to choose from as well which includes reclaimed timber, solid oak blocks, full stave solid oak and live edge timber to name but a few.

Coffee tables, breakfast bars and tv units are just some of the first class offerings from RCC Furniture and the quality of the craftsmanship is top notch to go along with the excellent selection from which to choose. The fact you can request furniture of any shape or size and from a variety of materials is a real string to this furniture workshop’s bow and means that whenever you need new pieces for your home or office, you know where to go.

Superb Craftsmanship

With a real tangible sense of quality to all the pieces from RCC Furniture, it’s easy to see why they have grown so much in the last few years and the diversity and cracking craftsmanship of all their wares helps to really set them apart from the competition. A first class furniture purveyor, heralding from one of our favourite parts of the world, RCC Furniture are definitely a name to have on your radar whenever you need a new piece that has been made to exacting standards.

Furniture design is one of our favourite things here at The Coolector and RCC Furniture are a fine proponent of the creation and crafting of striking pieces of designer furniture. For interior design lovers looking for a statement piece of furniture for your home, this Yorkshire workshop has more than enough pieces that will fit the bill.

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